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If you want even more detail, you should visit thedocumentation! There are some example uses and extra additions to certain commands only on the documentation.
💡To view help information from the terminal, such as what commands do and accept, run mdb help. Alternatively, you can read the documentation linked above.
CommandDescriptionAliasesAdditional Information
mdb [category] [badgeName]Displays badge from a specific category.N/AView all available options on the documentation.
mdb searchSearch for badges across any category.s, find, lookupSelect a badge to get the Markdown code.
mdb createDisplays prompts to create your own badge.generateMarkdown and HTML versions of your badge are given. For logo colors, only hexadecimal colors (eg. 000, #d8e, #FAF126) are supported.
mdb randomDisplays a random badge.rSupports both Markdown and HTML formats.
mdb copy [category] [badgeName]Copies a badges' code to the clipboard.cOnly supports copying Markdown version.
mdb badgesOpens a link to the badge list in your browser.listN/A
mdb add [category] [badgeName] [fileName]Allows you to add a badge to a Markdown file.N/AOnly supports Markdown versions of badges. Works in subdirectories, as long as the file path is correct.
mdb documentationOpens a link to the documentation in your browser.docsN/A
mdb changelogOpens a link to the latest release with it's changelogs in your browser.releaseN/A
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